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Chinese strike at Foxconn, Company denies the claim

The Tiawanese electronics giant who manufactures Apple products in China, denies a reports that the factories are being cripled by strikes.

The report issued by China Labor Watch, a New-York advocacy group, came just a couple weeks after the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple's largest ever global rollout of a device.  Apple is already having issue trying to fill the orders for the phone as the supply chain is struggling to meet the demand.

The report stated that several thousand workers were on strike at Foxconn's Zhenghou complex in central China Friday afternoon.  Workers were angered by over-zealous quality control and work demands through a national holiday week which started on Monday.

But Foxconn's central office denied the report and said the plant only suffered two small disputes days earlier.

"Any reports that there has been an employee strike are inaccurate," the company said in an emailed statement, adding that "there has been no workplace stoppage in that facility or any other Foxconn facility and production has continued on schedule."

Tensions have been boiling over the last several weeks at factories owned by Foxconn, the tech giant that manufatures iPads and iPhones for Apple and employs over a million people.

Apple and Foxconn have received strong criticism for poor working conditions and wages at plants across China.

In response, they have organized an audit of factory conditions, raised wages, improved safety and reduced overtime, among other measures.

Apple's chief executive officer Tim Cook visited Foxconn's vast complex on the far outskirts of Zhengzhou in late March.

Jailed 9 years for writings calling China "An Enemy to Democracy"

[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"110","attributes":{"alt":"","class":"media-image"}}]]A well known Chinese Human rights campaigner, Chen Wei was sentenced to prison for 9 years because of his writtings.  

He is among more than 80 rights advocates who were arrested or disappeared this year in a growing government crackdown that followed internet sparked calls for a “Jasmine revolution” modeled on uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa.  

At least 22 remained in custody or missing as of Dec. 8, according to the rights organization Chinese Human Rights Defenders. (see link above)

The writings, with titles like “The Disease of the System and the Medicine of Constitutional Democracy,” claimed that the Communist Party had suppressed citizens’ thoughts and beliefs and used violence to control them, the indictment made by Chinese athorities.   Chen Wei's wife said that he would not appeal the sentence in protest, "He does not want to act in thier play."

As Mr. Chen was escorted from the courtroom he was quoted as saying “I am innocent” . “Democracy must win; autocracy must die.”

When we spend money on Chinese manufactured goods we are funding a system that shackles the Human Mind and Spirit.

Stop supporting communism.  

The Talentless Kardashians accused of Chinese Slave labor

[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"46","attributes":{"alt":"","class":"media-image","height":"480","width":"452"}}]]In a recent claim by Star magazine, the three Kardashian sister's clothing lines are all being manufactured in a Guangdong sweat shop.

The report stated that workers were being paid less than a $1 USD  for working up to 84 hours a week in what seemed to be prison-like conditions.  

Not that I really care about the Kardashian's and their terribly adhorent effect they have on the social growth of our children, but I believe this lends to light that what we are sold as Fashion, many times leads back to civil injustice.    

We as citizens of Free Democratic nations need to stand up and voice our love of freedom by demanding that our goods be manufactured with human dignity and respect.  We have the power of the purchase. :)


Taxing American Vehicles


As trade tensions continue to rise between China and the U.S., the Commerce Ministry of China announced they will now force trade duties on American Made vehicles.  The trade tariff will encumber Chinese buyers between 2% and 21.4%.  

Why should you care?  

Well, as our encumbered economy is slowly regaining momentum, the Auto Industry of America has seen a larger rebound than most other markets.  A large minority of that rebound has been due to the growing export of vehicles to China as their middle class expands rapidly.   A move like this by Beijing is seen as an economic interference by Washington.

I believe our government should return the favor.  This year we are seeing Chinese auto manufacturers enter the market for the first time. General Motors Opened Factories in China and plan on importing them into the U.S.  Coda automotive is a Chinese all electric vehicle now opening showrooms in California.

In the meantime let’s just refrain from purchasing any Chinese made vehicles all together.  
If they want a trade war, let’s show them who has the true buying power.  



Mystery Satellite images have been explained

About a week ago the internet was a buzz about a bunch of interesting satellite photos seen by Google earth.   Many people thought it was some kind of military weapon, or Alien writing, or E.M.P. testing fields.  In the end Military experts claimed they are land based targets for satellites to calibrate to.   They will use patterns that the satellites should be looking for and then align themselves.  

While this is no real cause for alarm, it does show China's growing capabilities in space.  Currently there are over 12 known Chinese spy satellites being tracked by the American Military according to a report in China Defense Blog post.  They fly over the U.S. everyday.  Maybe taking pictures of you?!   

(In a fair retort, how long have we been tracking people from space?   But then again we are not communists who treat our people unfairly. ) 

The photos everyone was talking about:


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